Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo's of Springtime in the Yard

Robin's Nest

Just poking around out in the yard this morning and found this very content robin just sitting on her nest in a tree right by our front porch.  She hardly notices us!  She is totally intent on her main focus right now!!  So Cute!!

Pink Dogwood Tree with nest

This is our Pink Dogwood tree right by the front porch ( the one with the robin's nest).  It is blooming but hard to see in this picture. This is very strange....but the large Oak to the right in the picture actually has a heart design in the bark.  Totally natural. I really had absolutely nothing to do with it!! 


Wow, something must be tasting pretty good here!  The Goldfinches are everywhere. They even fight for a spot at the feeder although it does look like one is politely waiting his turn!

Pink Clematis

Also found this Pink Clematis blooming its little heart out this morning.  This plant is several years old but has never really done well.  Maybe this is the year!!  When planted I had visions of a solid mass of blooms covering the lattice.  Any suggestions on how to coax Clematis to grow?? 

Happy Spring!



  1. Lovely, lovely yard! I really miss mine, now that I live in an apartment! but planted my patio garden the other day! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oops, signed in as my pseudonym for my other blog. Actually I am Linda from found you on Etsy Blog Team thread.

  3. I think clematis just takes its time in getting going. I've had the same issue with mine.
    The robins' nest is so awesome! Last year, I got to watch a robin build a nest. She then laid eggs, one of which hatched. I got to watch that little bird develop every day. Amazing!

  4. Love your yard. We have a robin in our front oak tree too. The birds have set up in each of our birdhouses all over the yard. Oh how I love spring.


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