Monday, March 30, 2015

New Photo Frame Designs
 A quick peek into what is coming in April in My Etsy Shop  Seven new Photo Frames being designed with a wedding theme and new Mother/Daughter photo frames.  Designs have been finalized and now in the process of having screens shot for our hand pulled silk screening process.  Will be listing these during April for the upcoming wedding season and Mother's Day gifts.    

Friday, March 6, 2015

New Vinyl Designs

Been busy this week working on new vinyl decal designs.  So many ideas and not enough time!  But I love some of the new designs I was able to get finished this week.  In the first Hope anchors the Soul I used one of our new vinyl colors...Charcoal Gray.  I love the softness of the color...a nice alternative from black but still dark enough to stand out.

This vinyl design is great for a variety of uses.  A great motivational vinyl decal that can be used in a nursery, master bedroom, master bath, family room, salon or spa...the list goes on.  We also have this with a leaf design instead of the peacock feather.  Either one is a separate decal so can be re-positioned or totally left out during application.


 Also designed several Monogram Decals.  So many fun uses for these.  Instead of a large one on the wall they could also sized for a laptop, mirror, or even a wooden sign.  Available in many different colors....Check these out on Etsy

New Classroom Decals Do Your Best Ideas for using these would be to either place them on a classroom door,...