Wednesday, June 4, 2014

  In This House Vinyl Decal

There is a story behind the designing of this vinyl.  I have been taking a month long seminar offered by Etsy.  The course is for advanced sellers that want to take their shops to the next level.  There are two lessons per week.  We are two weeks into the seminar and so far I am really enjoying it!  It started out by asking some very thoughtful questions that really make you exam the purpose of your business, what you hope to accomplish with it, what you are most proud of, and what emotion your brand promise elicits in your buyers. Takes some thought, believe me.  I even pulled my husband into the thought process.  I needed some input besides just my own.
Quickly we were to jot down 20 words that best describes your business.  OK....this will not be hard to do!  Think again!  But in the end, after much deliberating, we did come up with almost 20 words. But a few that really stood out for me was Love, Joy, Laughter, Sentiment, Thought Provoking.  Then we were to write down our Brand Promise. OK.. let me think......"We would like our products to help people bring love, joy, laughter, and sentiment into their lives and the lives of others in a thought provoking manner."  In other words, if our quotes and sayings can elicit some good thoughts that you can carry with you throughout your day, maybe even making a difference in your actions and your relationships, then, in a small way, we can make a little difference in this world.

In This House Vinyl Decal
 So this vinyl design came about a few weeks ago.  Yesterday someone purchased it and these were her comments:
I have been searching for many ways to guide and teach my children about the importance of Family and how we need to always stay close, forgive one another, love one another, hug and show love. When I saw your arrangement and the wording it just all clicked that I need this in MY HOME. My husband and I are looking for ways to keep positive thoughts in our home. We are thrilled to have a constant reminder on how we ALL need to act in our House and we cannot wait to READ this saying every day to our boys Luke and Christopher.

I love customer feedback because it is the only way, when you have an online business especially, that you become aware that what you do can make a difference!  I am looking forward to the next two weeks and completing the seminar but I already am super glad I decided to try and fit it into my weekly schedule. I love the fact that someone will be placing this on their wall and carrying those thoughts with them throughout their day!  I'm a happy camper!!

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