Sunday, December 16, 2012

Personalized Hand Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalized Hand Knitted Fair Isle Christmas Stockings


Featured here is another example of a wonderful Etsy Shop by the name of Annsarts
The shops owner, Ann Moody,  I have actually known for a number of years.  We share the love of quality handmade items and the love of giving handmade at the holidays.  Right now Ann's shop features her personalized hand knitted Christmas Stockings, but knitting is only one of Ann's many talents.  Ann is an accomplished knitter, quilter, and jewelry designer. She designs and makes handmade quilts, felted handbags, and pearl button jewelry.   It was her Mother who started the Christmas tradition of making personalized hand knitted stockings for everyone in their family.  So now Ann is carrying on this wonderful tradition.

Ann's Story

Crafting has been my passion for the last 25 years. I've especially enjoyed making beautiful quilts from quality quilt shop fabrics, wool felted handbags and several different styles of pearl button jewelry.

I started knitting the Christmas stockings three years ago.  I first made them for my children and grandchildren.  Then a friend suggested I open a shop on Etsy.  The rest is history. 
 My mother knitted stockings for her 5 children and all her grandchildren. We still use them to this day. I'm carrying on the tradition. I love making them. No two stockings are exactly the same. I personalize them with the name on the front and the birth year on the back. My customer can choose three main designs to be knitted into the stocking. I knit a variety of borders in between the main designs. They also choose the color for the top, heel and toe of the stocking and other colors to be used. 

The stockings measure approx 24" long and 7" wide.  Each one is unique and knitted with high quality wool yarn, hence the stockings are heirloom quality and will last for many generations to come. 


Ann is now taking orders for Christmas 2013! 

What a treasure to have for years to come!! 

You can visit Ann's Etsy Shop at this link.   

Who just might have one hanging from your mantel next Christmas!!


  1. visiting you from the etsy build your blog team! beautiful pieces and lovely blog! I love these stockings :)


  2. Oh my gosh, these are adorable!


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