Sunday, July 22, 2012

Screen Printing Photo Frames

Frame Before Painting

This past week we have added three new photo frames to our Etsy Shop.  All three are screen printed using a cream color ink on black.

 The frames are 14" X 14" with a beveled edge and a keyhole slot in the back for hanging.  This is a new larger frame that more easily facilitates a larger saying or quote.

After the frame has been cut, sanded, and beveled, it is ready for paint.  Each one is then painted by hand and allowed to dry overnight.

Before the frame is placed under the screen for printing it is very lightly sanded and any paint removed from the back. We then go over it with a tack cloth to remove any dust particles left from sanding.  After loading the screen with ink, the frame is then placed underneath and the squeegee is drawn down over the screen forcing the ink through the design and onto the surface of the frame.

After the ink is applied the frame is then removed and placed on a drying rack to dry overnight.  After the ink is thoroughly dry we then apply a coat of a satin polycrylic varnish.

Clips and foam board are then inserted in the photo opening.

Fairytale Frame


The finished frames!
 All three frames can be found in the Frame Section of our Etsy Shop


Family Roots Frame



Once in A Lifetime Frame


  1. Wow, these are cool! Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

  2. Great work, the frames look so good!

  3. Very useful information, thanks for your generosity. More power to you!

  4. Thank you for sharing these helpful screen printing tips.


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