Friday, March 6, 2015

New Vinyl Designs

Been busy this week working on new vinyl decal designs.  So many ideas and not enough time!  But I love some of the new designs I was able to get finished this week.  In the first Hope anchors the Soul I used one of our new vinyl colors...Charcoal Gray.  I love the softness of the color...a nice alternative from black but still dark enough to stand out.

This vinyl design is great for a variety of uses.  A great motivational vinyl decal that can be used in a nursery, master bedroom, master bath, family room, salon or spa...the list goes on.  We also have this with a leaf design instead of the peacock feather.  Either one is a separate decal so can be re-positioned or totally left out during application.


 Also designed several Monogram Decals.  So many fun uses for these.  Instead of a large one on the wall they could also sized for a laptop, mirror, or even a wooden sign.  Available in many different colors....Check these out on Etsy

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