Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating Handcrafted

 Handcrafted and Custom Designed Handbags

by Rebekah Scott Designs

 I have been doing a few craft shows lately and found some remarkable handcrafted items.  Since this blog is about celebrating handcrafted,  I wanted to share with all of you some of my best finds along with their wonderful and fun stories. I love discovering people that are so excited about what they do that they put their heart and soul into everything they design and create.  This is what handcrafted is really all about. 

Many Designs to choose from!
  For starters:  Rebekah Scott Designs .  Rebekah designs the most fabulous bags!  I met her at a craft show in the Minneapolis area.  She started sewing and designing at a very young age. Her Mom taught her how to sew, always encouraging her creativity.
 So now she travels to some of the best craft shows in the country and also sells on  You can find a lot of her great bags here in her Etsy Shop.  In addition to handbags, Rebekah also features baby shoes, headwraps, and other accessories.  And she does custom handbags! 

"The Mindy Bag"
 One of my favorites is called the "Mindy Bag" shown here.  It is lined with a beautifully colorful fabric, features 7-9 inside pockets, is 100% washable, has a cell phone pocket, and a key ring! It measures 13" X 15", so has plenty of room for all your stuff!  One feature that I think is great is the over the shoulder handle.  It is very sturdy and is a nice accent to the bag. 

Rebekah Scott

Her story:
I grew up West River in Philip, South Dakota. From a very young age, I was always playing in mom's sewing scraps; I could spend hours designing Barbie clothes and hats for my friends. Around the age of ten, I was sewing stocking caps and selling them on the playground to friends. I give my mother all the credit for teaching me how to sew. She spent many long hours helping me sew suits and prom dresses and even bathrobes for demonstrations. Mom also spent many long hours sewing outfits I had designed in my head and needed her to figure out just how to sew it.
I again really got excited with sewing and designing when my graduation gift for college was a serger from my mom and dad. I continued to save money at Christmas by sewing purses for my friends and family. Word spread fast and soon I was getting calls from people I had never met placing orders for purses. I started small until it took over my life and I knew that this was something God had prepared me for all my life and it was time to embrace it!
I am inspired by my own busy life with 2 little ones and how to simplify my life. so I add lots of pockets to the purses along with being washable-  can't be any better than that!

Rebekah  does a great job of designing bags that are useful and fashionable!  Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop, RebekahScottsDesigns.   Later this month we will be doing a Giveaway of one of her designer cosmetic bags! 

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