Thursday, May 24, 2012

Celebrating Handcrafted

Hat Trix

Fabulous Hats & Bridal Millinery

Sun and Shower Hats
 This is third in a series featuring wonderful handcrafted items and the people that create them.  I have been kind of into hats this past year.  I've discovered I really like wearing hats because they are fun and can really turn an outfit into something totally different and special.    HatTrix  is the shop I  ran into this spring at a craft show and was so impressed with their unique creativity and quality of their handcrafted hats.  The owners are Paula Thompson and Mary Jo Stockman.  They are located in Minnesota and love making hats for every occasion;  just to name a few....fabulous Kentucky Derby hats, carriage driving hats, fascinators, Synagogue hats, red hats, sleighing hats, Dancing in the Rain Hats.  They will even incorporate fabric from your dress into your custom hat for that one-of-a-kind look that says "Designer"!

Pictured here is their famous Sun and Shower Hat in green.  This hat is made of breathable and water repellent fabric.  They use the same water sealant used on tents to keep you dry and the lining is 100 % cotton for comfort and ventilation.  So fashionable and fun to wear even when it isn't raining!  Oh...and did I mention that the lining is always a colorful fun print and accents the color of the hat!

Selection of Sun and Shower Hats
 They come in a lot of different colors but they will also do a custom color for your hat.  They are light weight, breathable, and crushable making them great for traveling. So if you happen to be going to the 2012 Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth  in London this June just might need one of these!   They come in small, med, large, or can be custom sized if needed.  The standard colors are navy, red, burgundy, gold, tan, and black.  Spring and summer colors are tango, peacock, fuchsia, and latte.  The sash can be any color you would like for accent.

They are great for lots of different events and outdoor activities like sporting events, golf, gardening or just that dance ( ok walk ) in the rain!

Their Story:

Hat Trix is a small workshop assembling, sewing and trimming all kinds of fashionable hats.  About a year ago we rented space and installed our sewing machines and work tables for our business in Bloomington, MN.  We make fabulous hats and bridal millinery in our business, but it all started with carriage driving!

We started showing our horses in carriage pleasure driving classes more than 20 years ago.  Hats were part of showing, but there were very few sources for anything other than beach hats and gardening hats.  We wanted something more fashionable.  The solution was making our own!

We looked at pictures in old books, magazines, and calenders; found inspiration in old moves ( especially from the 30's ).  We learned how to steam hats to change their shape and how to sew on flowers, feathers, and other kinds of trim.  We read books on millinery and eventually studied with working milliners.

We found out how we could "repurpose" vintage lace, furs, and costume jewelry.  We were enjoying the process of making hats that got noticed!

Paula modeling a Sun and Shower Hat
Fashion Hats
 In addition to the Sun and Shower Hats they also do these wonderful fashion hats!  On their website, HatTrix, they also have evening and bridal,  featuring those great fascinators so popular right now along with Birdcage veils.

So after visiting the website stop by their Etsy Shop  at this link. Yep, these gals are also fellow Etsians!   So much fun to see all the variety and creativity of these two ladies!  If you want to get in touch with Paula or MaryJo their phone # is 612-412-4287 or email at: or visit their Etsy Shop.


  1. I just adore hats!

  2. I love that blue hat - stunning!
    I just clicked on your blog on a bloghop and now following! Come by my blog and say hi :)

  3. those are very creative and fun hats :) it's also cool that they repel water.


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