Saturday, February 4, 2012

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee
Here is my first Etsy Treasury posting.  Titled "Morning Coffee" it is created  by ArtHarmony, an Etsy Shop.   If you are not familiar with Etsy or with the goes.  Treasuries are made by Etsy sellers.  They pick 16 different items from 16 different shops usually with a theme in mind.  The theme can be anything they like....maybe a certain color, season, or a collection of gifts.  They can be all about food, or vintage items, different textures, or created with a guy or gal in mind.  If you are a coffee lover like I am you will love this coffee themed treasury. All of the choices are centered around the color of a great cup of joe.....maybe even an espresso!  This one caught my eye because , as I said, I love a really good cup of coffee ( a latte actually ) and my Daily Grind vinyl is included here also. There are tons of treasuries on Etsy.  You can even shop the treasuries.  It is a great way to shop  because the items are usually outstanding and are already gathered around an interest you might have.  So check out the treasuries on Etsy and check here for one featured every week!  Here is a link to this treasury and a link to the shop that created it!  Hope you enjoy discovering Treasury shopping!

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