Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chocolate Bunnies from Mona Rae Originals

Chocolate Easter Bunny Pair - Francesca and Oliver

This pair of adorable chocolate bunnies are all handmade and designed by my good friend Mona Rae.  Her Etsy shop is chucked full of bunnies right now just in time for the upcoming spring season each with their own story to tell. Mona Rae is a great example of the handmade movement.  Everything is meticulously designed by her in her studio with great attention to quality and detail! She creates all different types of dolls, pillows, and quilts. So if you are looking for need to visit this shop for sure!  You will find the links below.  And don't forget to check out the blog hop going on this week to see what new blogs have been added.   Just click on the BlogHop button....
Want to read the bunny story?? 

"Hi we are Francesca and Oliver the newly married Chocolate Bunnies. We met during a name the doll contest and fell madly in love. Kristen named us and now has a pair to take care of. We hate to be separated, after convincing Mona Rae to encourage the buyers not to separate us she was willing to run a discounted price for the two of us, we are normally $35.99 each. We are each 22" tall, but with our ears we are proudly 28" tall.

I love Francesca because she is the most beautiful bunny I have ever seen. The bow on the top of her head, apron and most of all her cute little smile is what won my heart. She carried her little bunny doll in her purse which I hope soon we can have a bunny of our own.

I love Oliver because he is so handsome with his bow tie and suspenders. His whiskers tickle my face when he cuddles up to me. He is a wonderful husband because he goes out and gathers a bag full of carrots for us. I'm sure someday he will make a wonderful Daddy.

Thank You for reading our story, we hope to come to your home. Please take time to find a warm and happy place for us. "


  1. Will have to check out the Chocolate bunny. I love handmade items and the story behind each and every piece.

    New follower. I found you through the blog hop.

  2. Great feature on a very talented lady.

  3. Hi Melissa, Yes, Mona is an exemplary artist and dabbling in needleworks myself, know the time and labor of love she puts into her dollies. The short time I've known Mona, I know she's a kind heart. Thank you for featuring her :o)

  4. Mona makes the most beautiful creations! Love seeing all that she comes up with!

  5. Wonderful feature on Mona
    Her creations are all so great


  6. Great feature on Mona. Love those bunnies! Hugs, Valerie

  7. These are cute! Love bunnies!! Just found your blog!!

    I will be checking out your sponsors and adds each time I comment!! <3

  8. hey miss! i saw you on blog hop and thought i would say hello!

    newest follower! ♥
    follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

  9. I am so honored Melissa that you chose to feature me on your new blog. Thanks to my friends for the kind comments about my work, I have so much love invested in each piece. Each and everyone of you do outstanding work and am honored to be on your teams.

    Mona Rae

  10. Great feature on Mona! I just love her bunnies. She does a great job and love the extra story that comes along with them.

  11. Fabulous to get to know MOna Rae better!
    Thanks for sharing!


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